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Takes Yom HaZikaron - The Lone Soldier Center


Once again, JMG provided the live-stream, audio, lighting and projection services for this important yearly event.

On Israel’s memorial day, The Lone Solider Center in Memory of Michael Levin invited communities and individuals all over the world to a moving English speaking ceremony that was live-streamed from Jerusalem.

A “lone soldier” is an IDF soldier with no family in Israel to support him or her. A lone soldier may be a new immigrant, a volunteer from abroad, an orphan or an individual from a broken home. Every day, tens of thousands of soldiers are defending the State of Israel and its citizens. These soldiers regularly spend weekends and holidays at home where their parents provide for all of their needs: food, laundry, and even a hug. For more than 6,300 lone soldiers, there is no immediate family in Israel to support them. Though highly motivated and proud to serve, when on leave, many of them struggle with basic needs that a family would solve.