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אולפן הפקות

אולפן מקצועי בו אפשר להביא את החזון למציאות

צילום ועריכה

בסטודיו שלנו תמצאו את כל מה שאתם צריכים כדי להפיק את הפרוייקט שלכם.
החל מחדרי עריכה מאובזרים, אולפן הקלטות בגודל של 42 מ״מ עם גרין סקרין בגודל של 3×4 מטר, תאורה, מצלמות, והקלטת סאונד מקצועי.

Located on the North side of Jerusalem, the JMG studio is easily reachable from the entrance to the city and the central bus station.


Depending on your specific needs, we can build a unique environment in our customizable space or just shoot on one of our existing sets. The stage is acoustically treated and features a fixed lighting grid as well as 110v and 240v electricity. It is also available with lighting and grip equipment, an intercom system, professional cameras, a variety of microphones, teleprompter, a baby-grand piano, and a selection of generic set pieces.


The sound stage is available fully staffed and equipped or as a production space for you to bring your own cameras and crew. The studio also has a green room, a hair and makeup area, changing rooms, on-site set construction, project management and meeting areas. We are happy to coordinate catering, transportation, and any other logistic needs your production may require.

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